Monday, January 12, 2015

Finally Done

I'm finally finished with the DIY work on my messenger bag.  When I last posted about this project, I had just finished working on the front of it.  Here's another look at what the front of the bag looks like.

Just hot glued a patch to the front flap and added a couple of Nightmare Before Christmas buttons.  Once I had the design taken care of, I started to tackle my main problem with the bag.  The lack of storage compartments.

While the bag is good for carrying my wallet, cosmetic bag and, if the situation called for it, an umbrella, I had nowhere to store smaller things.  Like a pen, notepad, mini comb/brush and my lady things.  So, I came up with the idea to put all of that in a pencil case that would easily fit in the messenger bag.

This worked for awhile.  However, I wasn't crazy about having all of my smaller things jammed together and jumbled up.  Then, I remembered that I had a small purse hanging in my closet that would work better.

This is a purse that I had gotten as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  As you can see, it's already decorated with a couple of Nightmare Before Christmas buttons.  Due to the purse's small size, I never really used it.  As you can see (Or try to see. XD), the purse has plenty of compartments.

 I just took the shoulder strap and tucked it into the back pocket of the bag.  If I can find a removable shoulder strap for it, I plan to cut the current one off.

 Latest DIY Mission: Accomplished

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