Sunday, September 12, 2021

Metaphysical Demigod Visions


Hey, readers.  Back again with some more music recommendations from Bandcamp.

  • Guillotine Dream: I talked about this band before in a previous post.  But I'm bringing them up again because they have a new album coming out called Demigods.  The album doesn't come out til October 15, but it's available now for digital pre-order.  The band also made 3 of the singles off the album available to listen to on their page.
  • Vision Video: Vision Video is a goth-pop band from Athens, Georgia.  They describe they're sound as dance music for the end-times.  Nice.
  • Tony Moon: I don't listen to that much rap/hip-hop music.  Mostly because I find a lot of it to be crap.  Don't @ me.  But once in a while, I will come across an artist with a sound that I can vibe with.  That's the case with Tony Moon.  Tony's sound is ...... trippy.  A good trippy.  He raps about subjects that range from the metaphysical to politics.  Definitely recommend checking him out.

To listen to any of the artists that I have listed, just click on their names and you'll be directed to their Bandcamp page.  And so ends this blog post.  
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