Wednesday, May 22, 2024

World Goth Day 2024

Hey, readers.  Just wanted to pop in and wish my fellow Goths a Happy World Goth Day!  If you're looking for some dark tunes to listen to celebrate, head on over to Obscura Undead's youtube channel and check out their DJ Sets & Mixes playlist.

For my fellow Goth Simmers out there, help yourself to some Gothic build/buy cc by Sixam CC.  There's the Wednesday Goth Bedroom CC Pack.  This pack comes with furniture and decor that's perfect for those that are dark at heart or have severe allergic reactions to bright colors.

You know what would go well with the items from this pack?  These windows and doors from the Love for Gothic Windows and Doors CC Pack.  This pack is perfect for Gothic mansion builds.  It also comes in handy for castle and church builds.

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Til next time.