Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Covering Tracks

Hey, readers.  Wanted to share with you a band that I just became aware of called Death in Rome.  They're a neofolk band that does covers of popular pop songs.  I found out about them while listening to The Gothquisition 3 on the Cemetery Confessions podcast.  Their cover of Barbie Girl was amazing.

Below are videos for the Barbie Girl cover and a cover they did of Pump Up The Jam.  I recommend checking them out.  Til next time.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Oh Yeah!

Hey, readers.  Today marks the 4th anniversary of Cafe LaStrange.  My blog is another year older.  Guess it's time to start checking out preschools. XD 

Last week, I created a Ko-Fi account.  Ko-Fi is a site where content creators can receive small donations from their fans.  Each donation is equal to the price of a cup of coffee.  So, if you're feeling generous, head on over to my Ko-Fi page and buy me a cup of coffee.  Link can be found in the header.

Let's give it up for 4 years of awesomesauceness!  Til next time.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Christmas Gift Haul 2017

Hey, readers.  Happy 2018.  Figured I kick off the new year by showing pics of some of the gifts that I got for Christmas.  First up, is this top.  It's simple and versatile. 

It also came with a cute choker.  Bonus.

Another article of clothing that I got was this sweater.

My favorite part of it were the skulls, keys, hearts and flowers on the sleeves.  Not crazy about the scorpions and snakes though.  But I can deal with it  The good outweighed the bad with this sweater.

In the accessories department, I got a couple pairs of hoop earrings.  You can never have too many hoop earrings.  Never!

What's better than necklaces and chokers?  Star Wars themed necklaces and chokers.

After I removed the choker and necklace from the packaging, I noticed that there was a Darth Vader necklace hidden behind it.

Moving on to DVDs, I got the complete series of Chobits and the animated Beetlejuice.

As a surprise, my mother presented me with art that was made out of one of my reusable sugar skull shopping bags.  A bag that she claimed she lost.  My mother is a sneaky lady.

Lastly, I got a copy of Midnight, Me and Bob Macabre.  So far, I'm halfway through the book.  Things are about to get very interesting.

That's it.  You made it til the end.  Thanks for reading.  Til next time.