Monday, April 27, 2015

Forgotten Cities Tour: Minor Venue Changes

Hey, readers.  Just a heads up to those who plan on going to any of the shows on the Voltaire & Ego Likeness Forgotten Cities Tour.  Some of the venues have been changed.  To see these changes, head on over to

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Binge-Listening and Binge-Reading

Yo-ho, folks.  Another weekend is coming to an end.  I finally found out how to turn the heat down in my motel room.  Now, it no longer feels like a sweat box.  Besides that, I spent the weekend doing some music binge-listening and webcomic binge-reading.

Spent all of Friday listening to Dr. Death and Mr. Vile.  This duo hails from Denver, Colorado.  Their music is an awesome mix of dark synth pop with a bit of an 80's overtone.  These guys are definitely worth a listen.  You can download their music for free on their bandcamp site.

I followed up my binge-listening with some binge-reading of the webcomic Mary Death.  It's about a girl named Mary who happens to be best friends with Death.  I spent  all of Saturday night reading through the entire archive.  Some strips will make you laugh.  Some will make you cry.  Others will leave you scratching your head.

That's all I have to share with you for now.  Toodles.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monsters & Forgotten Cities

Hey there, readers.  Just wanted to share some cool and exciting news.  Do you like Monster High dolls?  Well, youtuber It's Black Friday has created a new channel where she does un-boxings and reviews of these fabulous dolls.  Click Here to start checking out her reviews.

Now on to the exciting news.  In case you haven't been following my facebook page, the tour dates for the Voltaire & Ego Likeness Forgotten Cities Tour have been finalized.  If you're a fan of these artists, show your support and hit up some of these shows.

April 29th New Haven, CT - Café 9
April 30th Salem, MA - Koto
May 1st Portland, ME - Asylum
May 2nd Wash DC - Spellbound
May 3rd Wilmington, DE - Asylum
May 4th Raleigh, NC - Legends Night Club
May 5th Richmond, VA - Fallout
May 6th Charlottesville, VA - The Annex
May 7th Atlanta, GA - Masquerade
May 8th Jacksonville, FL - Underbelly
May 9th New Orleans, LA - The Allways Lounge
May 10th Nashville, TN - The East Room
May 11th St. Louis, MO - Crack Fox
May 12th Kansas City, MO - Riot Room KC
May 13th Fayetteville, AR - George's Majestic Lounge
May 15th San Antonio, TX - The Korova
May 16th El Paso, TX - Mesa Music Hall
May 17th Albq, NM - Low Spirits
May 18th Mesa, AZ - Club Red
May 19th Glendale, CA - Complex
May 20th SF, CA - The Elbo Room
May 21st San Diego, CA - Darkwave Garden
May 23rd Salt Lake City, UT - Area 51
May 24th Denver, CO - Casselmans
May 26th St. Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar and Hall
May 27th Champaign, IL - Mike n Molly's
May 28th Cleveland, OH - Phantasy
May 29th Columbus, OH - The Shrunken Head
May 30th Pittsburgh, PA - 31st St Pub

Also, Voltaire has non-tour shows coming up in the following locations:

April 4th - Bakersfield, CA
April 9th - Seattle, WA
April 11th - Detroit, MI
April 25th - Buffalo, NY
June 6th - GeekOut - Asheville, NC
June 12th - CoreCon - Fargo, ND
July 4th - GearCon - Portland, OR
July 11th - PlayonCon - Birmingham, AL
October 18th - Honolulu, HI
October 23rd - St. Petersburg, Russia
Ocotber 24th - Moscow, Russia
October 30th - Anne Rice Ball - New Orleans, LA
October 31st - Spooky Empire - Orlando, FL