Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Custom Content for Your Alternative Needs

Hey, Readers.  Today, I want to talk sims.  Specifically, custom content for the sims 4.  If you're a sims player that enjoys making goth, punk or alternative sims, but find those items in the game to be lacking, then you might like the cc that I'm about to share with you.  F in the chat for any console players that might be reading this.

The cc that I'm about to talk about comes from The Crypt O' Club.  It's a discord server for alternative simmers.  Some of the server's custom content creators will occasionally come together and release alternative themed Crypt O' Club Collabs.  So far, they have released 4 cc stuff packs.

The first collab to be released by The Crypt O' Club is the Punk Pride stuff pack.  I believe this pack was released during Pride Month the year before last.

Pack Description: Get your pride on with the first ever collab from The Crypt O' Club discord!  You'll find all sorts of objects, accessories, clothes, makeup and more from our talented creators to celebrate the month of pride with some alternative style!  Most of the items include up to 20 different flag designs for your sims.  From rainbow studded jackets basic graphic tees, even the blandest of the bunch can find something to enjoy.

Next up, is the Creepy Creations stuff pack.

Pack Description: Prepare for some frights with the second collab straight out of The Crypt O' Club discord!  Our talented creators have whipped up some ghoulish delights for all to enjoy during this Halloween season.  Enjoy furniture, clothing, makeup and more inspired by many spooky and seasonal films from Tim Burton classics, to vampire flicks and everything in between!  But even when the Halloween season is over, we're sure you'll enjoy these treats year-round.

The third Crypt O' Collab is the DIY or Die stuff pack.

Pack Description: Grab your safety pins and get ready to do-it-yourself with the third collab from The Crypt O' Club!  You'll enjoy all of the hand-made hairs, makeup, clothing, objects and more from all of our talented collaborators!  From unprofessionally cut bangs to torn tights, patched jeans to upcycled decor, there's plenty to love and more in this pack!

The fourth and latest Crypt O' Collab is the Angsty Adolescence stuff pack.

Pack Description: It's time to rediscover your discovery phase with the fourth collab by The Crypt O' Club!  Experience growing pains in style as you hang out in your favorite store at the mall or skate your heart out.  We got checkers, stripes and more for all your teens to sport this season!  From new trends to old classics, your teenage dreams will be brought back to life with the help of all our talented creators!

Honorable Mention: Trillyke

While she doesn't focus specifically on alternative cc, Trillyke does have some alt gems on her downloads page.  Like the boots pictured above.  She's one of the few cc creators that fills my platform/chunky shoe needs.

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Monday, October 24, 2022

It's been 84 Years...

Hey, readers.  The title of this post is a bit misleading, but it has been a long time since I last posted.  So.....what has been going on with me?  A mix of something and nothing.

Just been trying to promote my 2 online shops.  Besides that, I'm still trying to figure things out and getting more into playing the Sims 4.  If you're interested in products with weird and creepy designs on them, check out my Redbubble shop.  For your handmade jewelry needs, check out my Ko-fi shop.  Links to both can be found in the bolded text, the blog header, my profile and my linktree

Also, if you play the Sims 4, feel free to follow me on the gallery.  I tend to mostly upload builds.  Might start uploading sims in the future.  My gallery id is Skulls-n-Coffee.

Til next time.