Saturday, August 27, 2016

Birthday Party Shenanigans

Hey there, readers.  Last night, I attended my cousin's 80's/90's themed birthday party.  I'm not much of a dancer.  So, I spent the majority of the evening listening to the music and hoarding candy from the candy bar.

This is what I had on at the party.  Considering the party's theme, I didn't have to try that hard to come up with an outfit.  I just put on what I would normally wear.  Goth for the win!

Here's a few shots of the candy bar.  Excuse the blurriness of the photos.  The flash function on the phone didn't work.

I was feeling a little on edge.  So, I got myself a pack of smokes to help get me through the evening. XD

To conclude this blog post, here's a short video of some of what went on at the party.  Til next time.