Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Design Burn

Evening, readers.  I return with an Aji's Decorating Corner update.  Yep.  That's what I'm calling it.  Because I'm weird like that.

Over the Labor Day weekend, my bedroom walls got painted a nice light gray/silver color.  My mother did the trim, and I painted the rest of the walls.  Some touch-up work needs to be done.  But overall, the walls are finished.

Today, I tackled painting the heater white.  I did the front of it, but decided to leave the sides for my mother to do.  I didn't want to risk messing up the walls.  New black curtains were put up yesterday.  However, we took them down so we could add some silver panels between them that my mother got from one of her co-workers.

She also gave her a teal throw pillow.  Since it didn't fit her room decor, my mother gave it to me to put on my bed.  Now, here comes the burn part.  After I said that I liked the curtains and pillow, and had no problem with including them into my room design, my mother seemed relieved.  Then, commented that my room needed more color.

I already have planned in my head how I'm going to introduce color into my room.  I tried explaining that to my mother, and she just laughed it off.  She clearly doesn't think I know how to decorate my own fucking bedroom.  That kind of hurt my feelings.  Just because some things aren't to her taste doesn't make them wrong.

It's my room.  I'll decorate it how I damn well please.  Anyway, I've been posting pics of my progress on my instagram page.  So, if you want to see what I've done so far, you can see on there.  Once everything's done, I'll post pics of the finished product here.

Til next time.


  1. Sorry about the burn. My opinion is that there is no right and wrong in decorating one's own bedroom; it's all about personal taste.

    1. I totally agree. It's my bedroom. Why should she care about how I decorate it?