Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Spase Odyssey

Recently, a person named Tommy Spase started following me on twitter.  I headed over to his page and saw that he was a member of a band called Tommy Spase And The Alchemists.  Feeling a bit curious, I clicked the link that led to the band's website.  On, they're homepage, they describe themselves as WhimZicaL, MysTiCaL, TheAtRicaL, KoZmiC, VauDeVilliaN and RocK.  Getting more curious, I proceeded to watch the video for the band's song, "Call of the Wild."

It was fun and quirky.  Just like the rest of their songs that I ended up listening to on their facebook page.  So, if you're also into the WhimZical, MysTiCaL, TheAtRicaL, KoZmiC, VauDeVilliaN and RocK, I recommend giving Tommy Spase And The Alchemists a listen.  Click the links below to get your fix.

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