Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Gift Haul

Merry Day After Christmas!  Hope everybody's holiday plans went well.  My Christmas was pretty good.  Enjoyed a good meal and got some cool gifts that I wanted and didn't expect.  All from my awesome mother.

First up, a skull and crossbones latch hook kit.  Kit didn't come with a latch hook.  So, that will be something that I have to get the next time I'm out.

These next gifts came as a total surprise.  Seriously did not see them coming.  A jewelry making kit and a pack of skull charms  I squee'd so hard. XD

My mother also hooked me up with some other crafting goodies that I've been wanting.  She got me an assortment of fabric paint.

 A pack of silver ring bases and some industrial strength adhesive.

In the gift card department, I got an itunes gift card. 

For the grand finale, I saved the best for last.  The last 2 gifts that I received were a pack of peeps and some andes.  Mmm.

Think I'll go buy Voltaire's "Raised by Bats" album with my itunes card while munching on some peeps.  See ya.

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