Friday, February 26, 2016

Q & A

Hey, readers.  It's Q & A time.  Below I'll be answering the questions that one of my followers has posted.  *waves to Sylvie*

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am from and still reside in the mysterious land known as New Jersey.

Q: Do you have an embarrassing baby bat story?
A: That's kind of hard to answer.  I don't think I ever had a baby bat phase.  When I was in my teens, I considered myself to be an alternative kid.  Sometimes, I dressed in a way that could be considered goth.  Other times, I didn't.  

I experimented with and tried out different looks back then.  It wasn't til my early twenties that I started to fall more into goth.  The closest thing that I have to an embarrassing baby bat story was when I became a big fan of using black eyeliner to outline my lips before putting on lipstick.  This was back in my high school days.  Sometimes, I would put the liner on way too thick and my lips ended up looking weird.

Q: Who is your favorite Muppet?
A: Miss Piggy.

Q: What are your non-goth confessions?
A: - I don't watch a lot of horror movies.  I can handle watching certain ones.  Others I avoid because they're straight-up nightmare fuel.  

- I love Hello Kitty. 


- I enjoy watching MLP: Friendship is Magic.

Q: Bats or crows?
A: I'm not a pet person.  So, neither.  But aesthetic-wise, bats.

Q: Where is your favorite cemetery?
A: I don't have a favorite cemetery.

Q: What is your favorite band?
A: I don't have one favorite band.  So, I'm going to name my top 3 favorite bands.  The Killers, Dr. Death & Mr. Vile and Matchbox Twenty.

Q: Black cats or black hell hounds?
A: Again, as pets, neither.  Aesthetic-wise, black cats.

That's it for my first Q & A.  Depending on how many people are interested, I might do it again in the future.  Til next time.  *waves*


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