Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Spooky Entertainment

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Hey, readers.  Today, I'm taking a detour from misery lane to bring you a bit of spooky gaming news.  If you enjoy ghosts and flash games, then I think you'll really like Haunt the House.  In the game, you play a ghost living in an old house.  The objective is to scare all of the people that are inside of it out. 
While the objective seems simple, it's a bit tricky.  You have to scare the people just enough that they run out of the house.  However, if you scare them to badly, they kill themselves by jumping out of windows.  The number of people that kill themselves effects your score.  So, be careful. 
I found the game to be a fun time killer.  You can find it for free online or get it for your PC/console.  Til next time.

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