Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Prep Work

Hey, readers.  Christmas is almost here.  Spent the last couple of days doing some last minute gift shopping, wrapping said gifts, and making jewelry.  While I was out with my mother and brother, we stopped in a craft store so I could get myself a set of craft pliers.

During my tool search, my mother came across an owl pendant.  Since one of my cousins is into owls, she suggested that I make a necklace for her.  I already had a chain and some clasps back at home. So, making one wouldn't be a problem.  Especially since one of the pliers from the new set that I bought were a flat nose pair.

No more damaging my nails when working with split rings.  Since no one in my family really checks out my blog, I feel it's safe to post a pic of the finished product.

Along with the necklace, I also made a bracelet to go with it.

That's all for now.  Hope you all have a happy holiday.  Til next time.

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