Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bandcamp Bandwagon

Hey, readers.  Finally signed up for bandcamp.  Now, I can follow the artists that I like on there instead of bookmarking their pages.  Don't know why I didn't think to sign up sooner.  Anyway, I wanted to talk about a couple of bands that I recently started following.

The first one is October Burns Black.  A gothic rock band consisting of artists from other bands in the scene.  They described the tracks on their debut album, fault line, as a nod to the past with a distinctly forward looking orientation.  The band draws influences from death, living and dreams.  The other band that I want to talk about is Astari Nite.

Astari Nite hails from Miami, Florida.  Their sound is a mix of post-punk and new-wave.  Through their semi-cinematic productions, they explore the themes of magic, melancholy, love and submission.  These bands are worth scoping out.  So, I highly suggest you do so.

I caught wind of October Burns Black and Astari Nite from the youtuber, Skullgirdle.  You can check out her channels here and here.  Til next time.

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