Friday, December 28, 2018

The Nightmare After Christmas

Hey, readers.  Hope you're all doing well this holiday season.  I'm doing pretty good.  Got spoiled with a lot of The Nightmare Before Christmas stuff this year.  Can't complain about that. XD

Time to take a close-up look at these goodies.  Starting with the Sally doll.

Wasn't able to get Jack.  So, until he can be obtained, Lord Vader will be keeping Sally company.

Next, are these earring sets, a bottle of black nail polish and a pack of glue-on nails.  I'm not really into glue-on nails.  So, I'll have to find a different use for them.

My favorite out of the bunch was this Zero sweater.

In non-The Nightmare Before Christmas gift news, I got a pair of dress boots.  Now, I can stop relying on my winter boots for those occasions when I decide to dress-up.

Lastly, is this Pan's Labyrinth DVD.

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