Friday, September 25, 2020

Skelly Haul

Hey, readers.  It's the mist of Halloween season.  Haven't made it to any of the big stores to check out what they have.  But I did manage to snag some spooky things from other places.  Let's start off with the dollar store finds.

Here's a cute little sugar skull that I got from Dollar General.  There's a switch at the bottom that you can flip to make it light up.  The color of the light varies.

From the Family Dollar store down the street, I picked up this large sugar skull that you can either hang on the wall or from the ceiling.

For drug store finds, I got this pack of Jack Skellington garland from the Rite Aid.  Also located down the street.  I didn't have to go far for most of these. XD Will probably use the garland to decorate one of my shelves.

Now for the biggie.  Besides outdoor decorations, you don't normally think of Home Depot when it comes to Halloween stuff.  But behold!  The Jack Skellington Waddler.  Push his hand and he waddles.

Adorable!  I'll probably post a short video on instagram that shows how he moves.  That concludes my skelly haul.  
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Til next time.

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