Sunday, April 30, 2023

Let's Get Your Simming Organized!


Hey, readers.  Recently, I was offered the opportunity to become an affiliate for the Yellow Llama Co.  What's the Yellow Llama Co.?  It's an online shop run by a simmer that sells digital and printed stationary to help other simmers better organize their gameplay.  The shop offers things like digital planners, a mod tracker and widget stickers.

If you want to give digital planning a try, but not sure about committing to purchasing a digital planner, you can download a set of digital polaroid stickers and a set of digital simmer starter stickers for free.  You can also get a free digital sim calendar planner for tablets.

Digital organizing/planning isn't your thing?  Don't worry.  The shop also sells physical planners.  One for daily gameplay and one for weekly gameplay.

Click my affiliate link and check out the Yellow Llama Co. for yourself.  The link can also be found in the blog's header under Affiliates.

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