Friday, July 14, 2023

T-Shirts, Posters & Beyond

Hey, Readers.  Just wanted to remind you that I have an online shop on Redbubble.  That's where I sell products with my spooky and weird designs on them.  Most of them are skull related, but there are a couple that aren't.  Below are video and pics that were sent me by customers of some of the stuff that they bought from my shop.

Seems people really like my design from the Stares in Sugar Skull Collection.  If you want to get your hands on some of my awesome offerings, click This Link.  It will take you straight to my Redbubble shop and you can check out the rest of my designs.  The shop link can also be found in the header of my blog and in my profile.

If you enjoy reading my blog or my other creative endeavors and want to show some love, consider donating to my Ko-fi page.  The link to it can be found in the bottom left corner of my blog and in my profile.

Donating to my Ko-fi will grant you an invite to my discord server where fellow creators can share their creative work, make connections or just chill.  People who make a one time payment will be given the Member role and monthly supporters will be given the VIP role.  VIPs will have access to a private text channel and a private voice channel for more personal interactions.

Til next time.

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