Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Errands and Other Things

Today, I stepped out of the sweat box that is my motel room and headed over to the nearby FedEx to make some copies.  That little trip turned out to be a bust.  The copy machines that they had there didn't accept cash or change.  They only accepted credit/debit cards.  I tried swiping my card like 10 times on 2 different copy machines and neither one could read it.

So, no copies from FedEx for me.  Guess I'll just ask my mother if she can make some copies for me at her job.  In other news, I finally have a latch hook.  That mean's I can finally start working on that skull and crossbones latch hook pattern that I got for Christmas.  Haven't done any latch hooking in ages.  Hope my skills aren't too rusty.

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