Thursday, March 19, 2015

Labels and Tour Dates

Once again, I have discovered another blog feature.  One that can help with finding certain posts.  The "Labels" feature.  I spent most of yesterday going through every single one of my posts and adding labels to them.  I'm a bit of an organizational freak.  Now, you can filter out blog posts of interest by clicking on certain labels.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.  More dates have been added to the Voltaire & Ego Likeness Forgotten Cities tour.

April 29th New Haven CT - Cafe 9
April 30th Salem MA - Koto
May 1st Portland ME - Asylum
May 2nd Washington DC - Spellbound
May 3rd Wilmington DE - Asylum 13
May 4th Raleigh NC - Legends
May 5th Richmond VA - Fallout
May 7th Atlanta GA - The Masquerade
May 8th Jacksonville FL - The Underbelly
May 9th New Orleans LA - The Allways Lounge
May 10th Nashville TN - The East Room
May 11th St. Louis MO - The Crack Fox
May 12th Kansas City MO - Riot Room
May 16th El Paso TX - Mesa Music Hall
May 18th Phoenix AZ - Club Red
May 19th Glendale/ Los Angeles CA - The Complex
May 20th San Francisco CA - The Elbo Room
May 24th Denver CO - Circus of Nights/Casselmans
May 26th St Paul - MN Amsterdam Bar and Grill
May 28th Cleveland OH - Phantasy
May 29th Columbus OH - The Shrunken Head

This list is not finished.  More dates will be added as they come.

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