Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New Link

Afternoon, all.  I just added a new link to my link list called "STUFF THAT I SUPPORT."  Under it, I'll be posting links to crowdfunding sites for projects that I'm really interested in and want to help make happen.  The first link that I posted is to an indiegogo campaign for the book "Midnight, Me & Bob Macabre."

From the Bob Macabre indiegogo page:

The book is about a little boy named Vex, who has violent night terrors riddled with "Spookies."  The night terrors are so bad that the Spookies invade his waking world.  On top of being taunted by the foul creatures, everyone refuses to believe Vex.  Even his Mum and little sister Twink think he's crazy...poor kid.

Enter Bob Macabre - infamous Spookie Wrangler and head of the Nightmare World.  Bob teaches Vex how to conquer his fears and defeat the Spookies through a series of adventures.

If you're interested and want to help make this book happen, head on over to the Midnight, Me and Bob Macabre indiegogo campaign page and donate.

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