Friday, May 10, 2019

What's on the Tube? 2

Hey, readers.  Welcome to another installment of What's on the Tube?  The blog segment where I talk about and share the channels of lesser known goth youtubers.  Let's get to it.

  • LeahMouse: She makes whatever videos she feels like making and puts them on her channel.  Leah also has a vlog channel.  The videos on this channel are more slice of life than the ones on her main channel.
  • Mads the Ghost: On her channel, Mads has videos that deal with goth, witchy things and the supernatural.
  • Cadaver Kelly: She is but a mere guide to the goth subculture.  Her words, not mine. XD  Kelly's videos focus on music that relates to the scene, DIY and other topics.
  • Two Broke Goths: This channel is run by Poe and Mystic.  Their videos include unboxings, DIY projects, vlogs and skits.

And so concludes this installment of What's on the Tube?  
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