Thursday, May 2, 2019

Greeting Cards with a Twist

Hey, readers.  A few days ago, I looked over in the "Who to follow" section on Twitter and came across a profile for an online shop that specializes in handmade Gothic and alternative greeting cards.  It's called Lilactwist Designs.  All of the cards are made to order and one off designs are added regularly.  Below are examples of some of the cards that they offer.

The shop also sells alternative wrapping paper and gift tags.  So, if you're looking for greeting cards that aren't your standard Hallmark fare, I suggest checking out Lilactwist Designs.  If you enjoy reading my blog and want to show some love, consider donating to my ko-fi page.  The link can be found in the header under "SUPPORT".  Til next time.

Note: I did not take any of the pictures shown in this blog post.  All images are from Lilactwist Designs.

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