Saturday, July 11, 2020

Black Brands and Sounds

Hey, readers.  Today, I wanted to share with you some videos that highlight black owned brands and black musicians.

Fellow black goth youtuber, Jess in King, has a playlist on their channel titled i buy black: black owned brands review.  In it, they showcase and review products from black owned businesses.  Jess also has a playlist dedicated to unsung black goth musicians.  Both playlists are very informative.

Over on Cadaver Kelly's channel, she has a video called 10 Goth Bands Featuring Black Musicians on Bandcamp.  The video highlights bands that feature or is entirely made up of black musicians.

In other news, after discovering some shady stuff with Teespring, I decided to close down my shop on that site and opened up a new one on Redbubble.  The link to my new shop can be found in the header.  If you enjoy reading my blog and want to show some love, consider donating to my Ko-fi page.  The link can be found in the header under "SUPPORT".  Til next time.


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