Friday, May 22, 2020

World Goth Day 2020

Hey, Readers.  HAPPY WORLD GOTH DAY!!!  Even though we're in quarantine, I hope you all are finding fun ways to celebrate the day.  If you're having trouble with coming up with something to do, check the World Goth Day website for a list of online events that are going on.

Need more Gothy goodness?  Last year, Cadaver Kelly created the Project Goth Playlist on her youtube channel.  The playlist is filled with all of the artists that were shared by the content creators that participated in the Project Goth Playlist Tag.  So far, it contains 80 videos.

There's also the birthday playlists that I keep on my youtube channel.  They contain a mix of goth rock, darkwave, synth-pop, electronica, neofolk and other sounds that you might find pleasing to your dark ears.  The link to my channel can be found in the blog's header.  Hope these suggestions help.

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