Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Strange Entities

Hi-hi, readers.  Today, I'll be giving 2 reviews.  The first review is for the Strangelings Factory.  This site is part of the Little Bit Creepie series by Kristie Silva.  It has a gallery that showcases different types of strangelings that you can purchase as prints.

What are strangelings?  They're creatures that are part monster and part voodoo doll.  I find these things to be fucking adorable.  Like this little cutie below.

  Image Source: Strangelings Factory

I definitely suggest checking out the site.  You might come across a strangeling that you'll want to take home.  On to the next review.  This one is for My Own Sorrow's latest album, "The Entity."

It's another dark masterpiece.  Some songs will make you want to dance.  Others will make you want to go out into the woods, and perform a ritual.  It's a good balance.  To get your own copy of "The Entity," click here.

That's it for my double review.  Til next time.  (Note to self: Come up with a better closing phrase. XP)

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