Thursday, May 12, 2016

Pastel Goth

A couple of days ago, on the avatar site that I like to hangout on, I entered my avi into a pastel goth themed contest.  This trend isn't really my thing.  I like pastel colors.  But I prefer them in small doses.  I just entered the contest out of boredom.

Anyway, this is the look that I submitted.

I don't really know much about pastel goth.  But I think I did a nice job with this look.  Sadly, I didn't place.  Ever since they revamped the avatar contest feature earlier this year, I've only placed twice.  Eh, oh well.

My next  blog post will probably be a review of My Own Sorrow's new album.  If not, I'll just post something totally random instead.  I'm such a spazz.  Til next time.

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