Saturday, September 24, 2016

It Continues

Hey, readers.  Work on my bedroom is still in progress.  On Thursday, I got a new comforter set for my bed.  I wasn't able to find one that was completely black.  So, I settled for one with a white pattern on it.

What drew my eye to this comforter set was that it had a similar pattern to one of the storage cubes that I keep in my closet.  The other thing that I really liked about this set was that it came with an orange pillow and throw.  Perfect for Halloween.  Upon further inspection, I noticed that the front of the pillow had a small pocket on it.  There was just enough room to stuff Lord Vader into it. XD

Today, my mother painted my chest of drawers black with a couple of cans of semi-gloss spray paint.  It came out great.  No sanding or priming required.  You can see a picture of it on my instagram page.  That concludes another episode of Aji's Decorating Corner.  

Til next time.