Thursday, April 4, 2019

Insane Footwear

Hey, readers.  Back with more Etsy talk.  The shop that I'll be talking about today is called Zombie Peepshow.  It's a one person operation run by Kayla Stojek.  I found out about it through The House of Wyvern, when they did a review of one of her shoe designs.

Man, these shoes are!  Kayla is giving Irregular Choice a run for their money.  Her design influences come from goth, punk, horror and kawaii culture.  Check out some examples of her kick-ass work below.

Again,!  If I saw this woman on the street, I'd probably throw my wallet at her.  If out there footwear is your thing, then check out Zombie Peepshow.  Til next time.

Note: I did not take any of the pictures shown in this blog post.  All images are from Zombie Peepshow.


  1. I love the skulls on the back of the last picture on the shoes :)

    1. Love the spike details that form the mohawks on the skulls.