Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Project Goth Playlist Tag

Hey, readers.  I got tagged by The House of Wyvern to do the Project Goth Playlist Tag.  Here's a quick rundown of how the tag works.
  • Suggest a band.
  • How did you find the band?
  • Additional Info: band's history, albums, etc.
  • Suggested tracks.
The band that I picked for this tag is Midnight Calling.  I found out about them via a Vampire Freaks band invite.  The gothic rock/darkwave band was formed back in October 2016 by Yasmin and Scott.  Their sound combines 80's darkwave ambience, post-punk guitar riffs and driving bass lines.  Album is still in the works.

Two tracks that I suggest checking out are Howl to the Moon and Turn on the Light.  These tracks give a feel for Midnight Calling's sound.  If you enjoy reading my blog and want to show some love, consider donating to my ko-fi page.  The link can be found in the header under "SUPPORT".  Til next time.